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Program Club


  • Babies ( 0-12 months)- Babies bonds with our loving and nurturing teachers , working together in a thought-provoking classroom setting. We sign talk with them to help them communicate easily. Our cozy reading corner is the area where we tell stories, have serious conversations and develop our interaction by reading and speaking abilities. The discovery area is a place where we explore manipulative sensory objects, we ask questions like how does it feel, look, smell, hear or taste. We use motor skills by building blocks and Construction-based toys which encourage open-ended play which may actually influence kids to pursue careers in science or math later in life. Playing with gears will coach about cause and effect as they rearrange the gears and problem solve to decide which gears need to go where in order to make them turn!
  • Toddlers- Toddlers are packed with energy and excitement and both are essential for growth and learning which helps in directing into positive learning. We observe and reflect your toddlers development in area of physical development by watching them walk, run, kick, jump easily. Socially play with other children and share toys without protest. With Problem solving abilities and Activities such as book reading, language games, weekly show-n-tell, arts and crafts, students learn to tell their feelings and ideas while making progress in Literacy. Our role as the educator is to provide materials, experiences, and opportunities for children to explore, discover and be curious.
  • Preschool- On the pathway to Kindergarten, STEAM is incorporated in several ways by using microscopes to explore living and non living things, use of thermometer to read temperatures. With age appropriate technology in group play activities such as coding ,helps in interpreting instructions.  Lego, magnetic blocks, pipeline building kits, planks inspire children to design and create.  Art activities, dance, music, dramatic role play improves power of thoughts and imagination. By telling stories and acting them out, children gain exposure to writing and language.Matching, sorting, counting, geometric shape helps children to learn to feel comfortable with numbers, sequences and identification of cause-effect.
  • Kindergarten- While developing essential skills to succeed in Elementary school, kindergarten inspires to become self-determining and self-assured. They achieve to follow simple instructions on their own. Our Kindergartens collaborate in groups and write story that aspires into arts and authors their own book. Unique toys such as tree blocks, stone counting pieces, balance scales, and measuring tools introduce materials and engaging math experiences Children learn how they can be part of a community by focusing strongly on sustainability. Children work on developing their counting skills, as well as numeral and shape recognition and patterning.
  • Out of School- The growing awareness of STEAM based learning enhances students interest and understanding in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths field. Children gets hands on experience and helps to makes decision to further progress in their STEAM careers.


SCIENCE- Newton’ s gravity? Earth science, Why is Sun hot?  8 or 9 Planets in solar systems, 5 senses, Cycle of butterflies, how are rainbows form????

TECHNOLOGY- Robotic, Coding, Circuits

ENGINEERING- Lego, Build catapult, paper rockets, propeller cars.

ARTS- Dance, Yoga , Meditation , Fitness ( hoola hoops, skipping rope, dribble ball, throw and catch) Draw, Paint ,Music, Sing, Perform Act, Visual Art

MATHS- Patterns, +,-,x, Graphing games, emphasis on number concept with games such as simple passing the parcel. Walk it off when we go out to collect the twigs and acorns, Sort it up with correct sizes to name few

LITERACY- Read Tales and Fables, Write letters, Spell through Phonics, Vocabulary of the Day. Outdoor Reading Program in Summers.


  • Field Trips, Monthly Family events, Coffee to go, Giving back, Movie Night and much more.
  • Cooking –Authentic food matching the World Cuisine, top chefs, Learning flags and culture. We learn simple fun recipes like how to make fresh strawberry popsicles, burritos or parfaits. You will be surprised when you go grocery shopping next time with your kids and they know how to read food labels.
  • Character Building- We enjoys saying Please, Thank you, yes and No. We have fun learning General Manners such Good Manners, Table Manners, Social Manners and treating everyone with respect.
  • Public Speaking- We love voicing out and expressing our feelings, views and opinions through Show and Tell.
  • Classic games- Strike challenge with Board Games
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • GeographySustainability
  • Soccer, hockey basket ball


Our dedicated Kitchen Team enjoys Cooking seasonal food introducing our children
to love of eating healthy focusing on overall benefits. We encourage healthy eating
habits right from the young age and that’s why we have added Cooking as one of
our enrichment programs so the children can explore the word palate and grow
into healthy adulthood We provide both snacks and meals so parents can lighten
up and spend time effectively as a family