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About Us

Academic Through Play. A hands-on approach of STEAM with ( science technology, engineering, arts and maths) with language. The Child Club program involves children in a happy, engrossing and growing awareness of their world using a developing curriculum in which each child is an active participant. Social skills such as creative problem-solving, conflict resolution and collaboration are enhanced as our children and teachers work together to design and direct projects that encourage growth in physical, emotional, creative and intellectual domains. Children learn to express themselves verbally, graphically and through writing. By providing a rich, stimulating environment and encouraging interesting STEAM activities, we strive to promote invention of their surroundings through interactive experiences.


Our Philosophy and curriculum is inspired by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Maths) we believe that every child is special and deserves an opportunity to explore and experience positive learning. Every child must grow in a fun environment that is safe and nurturing. We embrace diversity with great respect and strongly believe in second chances, We go on and do great things!


To Inspire, to explore, to create, to build, to solve , to believe and unleash the imagination through Innovative teaching and learning through play to motivate our children to become lifelong learners and be ready for realistic world.